Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pekwm - a dream come true

...or something :p

The journey
A few days ago, I went out into the wild, hunting for a replacement for gnome's default window-manager(wm) metacity. My goal was to find a wm with tabbed windows, a feature found in a.o. fluxbox.
My journey naturally enough started out here: Window Managers for X: Other Window Managers, and if you have a peek you will see that it is quite the list!
Surprisingly though, there are very few projects providing the 'tabbed windows' feature that I was looking for.
I won't go into detail about all the one's that 'failed' my test, but simply glorify the one I completely fell in love with: pekwm.

Why pekwm was a dream come true for me
It might look a bit unfinished at first glance, but the feature-set and the degree of configurability is just amazing, and development seems fairly active - which is a great plus anytime!
The grouping of window's in 'tabs' is a great tool for cleaning up desktop clutter, and keeping associated applications 'close together' makes for a more efficient workflow all over, so for me this is perfect.
Another great plus is how easy it is to configure, all of pekwm's configuration is done through these 6 text-files:
  • config - main configuration
  • vars - variables available throughout the other config files
  • keys - keyboard shortcuts
  • menu - menu-layout, window and root
  • mouse - mouse actions
  • autoproperties - automagically sets properties for certain apps
These files are very clearly laid out, and simple and easy to understand - if you're capable of loading them into a text-editor you should be fine.

Also, there are some nice themes available as well ;)


For more details go check out the website and the documentation there.

Monday, March 13, 2006

RRS Utilities for GiMP, version 1.0.3

I have fixed a problem that I recieved some complaints about concerning the 'image frame'-functionality, and also I have added one new item to the menus: 'textsplatter'!

Textsplatter prints text at random sizes and positions. You can control the number of iterations, maximum font size, font face and the text to be printed.

Go crazy with it ;)

If you have ideas for refinement for this script, don't hesitate to contact me.

Download here: RRSU

Thursday, December 08, 2005

RRS Utilities for GiMP, version 1.0.2

Added new item 'Duplicate flattened', which does...well, doh!

Download here: RRSU

Monday, December 05, 2005

More packages for the slackerz out there...

Todays releases consist of gift, with two network plugins, gnutella and openft, along with a nice graphical client for the gifted lil' daemon :)

If you don't know what I'm talking about here, just take a look at gift.sourceforge.net and giftoxic.sourceforge.net.

The packs:
But allways remember: these packages are provided with no support and guarantees of any kind, they are built for ME first and foremost.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

some slackpaks

Well, after several years on different flavours of red hat linux I have now switched to slack! I've been considering several different distro's for quite some time now, and landed on zenwalk, and as I'm quite addicted to gnome (xfce is great too though!) I chose dropline as my gnome-package of choice. It may be slightly more 'intrusive' than the other options out there, but it is a very complete gnome desktop. For my PHP, MySQL and Apache needs I chose xampp wich proved very nice and easy to both set up and remove. Good work.
But there are some other apps that I am truly addicted to, these are the tools of my daily work, and they were not quite as fresh and updated as I'm accustomed to, not in any 'slacked' form that I could find that is, so with a little help from CVS and checkinstall I built them myself :)
So here they are, fresh from CVS today (not sitecopy though, it is the latest official release version):
But allways remember: these packages are provided with no support and guarantees of any kind, they are built for ME first and foremost.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blender themes

Some dark themes I've put together for blender.

Download: ravneredet_blender_themes.tar.bz2

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gnome Blog

Nice, I just installed a new gnome panel-applet, gnome-blog, which lets me post very quickly from my desktop.


The only problem I had, was that the latest version listed in Synaptic was 0.9, and did not work at all. I was unable to load it into the panel...

But the latest version from seth, who develops the applet, was 0.8, so I tried his rpm's for FC3, and it worked like a charm.
Only 'problem' is 'source' control over the posts, and the title is not registered as title when posted, it's just inserted as the first line of the post...but I hope these issues will be resolved soon :)

Thanks seth :)

Hmf. Coders block.

Started to work on a new project some days ago, designing and coding a new web-site/service...the design is coming together, the underlying structure of the site, mm, I got a some ideas mapped out, the database structure, everything is in place - sort of...I just cant get those first lines of code down to get started...argh!

I need some coffee, and a short break.