Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blender themes

Some dark themes I've put together for blender.

Download: ravneredet_blender_themes.tar.bz2

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gnome Blog

Nice, I just installed a new gnome panel-applet, gnome-blog, which lets me post very quickly from my desktop.


The only problem I had, was that the latest version listed in Synaptic was 0.9, and did not work at all. I was unable to load it into the panel...

But the latest version from seth, who develops the applet, was 0.8, so I tried his rpm's for FC3, and it worked like a charm.
Only 'problem' is 'source' control over the posts, and the title is not registered as title when posted, it's just inserted as the first line of the post...but I hope these issues will be resolved soon :)

Thanks seth :)

Hmf. Coders block.

Started to work on a new project some days ago, designing and coding a new web-site/service...the design is coming together, the underlying structure of the site, mm, I got a some ideas mapped out, the database structure, everything is in place - sort of...I just cant get those first lines of code down to get started...argh!

I need some coffee, and a short break.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

RRS Utilities for GiMP, version 1.0.1

RRSU is a small collection of utility routines for the GiMP, current functionality includes:
  • Guides\Clear All
  • Guides\Create at Center
  • Framing\Create Image Frame
  • Framing\Create 'Thumb Frame'
  • Center Layer Content
  • Erase 'n' Rows
  • Layer Shadows and Borders
Most functions explain themselves pretty well, have a look at the script if you need more information.
'RRSU' could still be enhanced and developed further, but I've used it for a long time now as it is, and it works fine the way it is.
If you make any useful changes or additions to the script, please share it - send me a copy, or leave a snip in the comments here.

Enjoy :D

Download here: RRSU

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A few shots of previous designs that I have done...

Never mind me, just testing the blog... intropage - Mozilla Firefox_thumb.pngScreenshot-[r]e-dsign[in] the future - news and such - Mozilla Firefox_thumb.png
This shot shows the last design to be used on, one of my personal sites from some years back. The site was also one of the larger module repositories for the litestep community.
I still like this one a lot for it's simplicity.
Screenshot-silent wisdom redeems - Mozilla Firefox_thumb.pngScreenshot-silent wisdom redeems - Mozilla Firefox-1_thumb.png
Repeating the vertical bar intro-page, but also keeping it throughout the whole site! A study in alternative design, a little different than the rest...
Screenshot-Velkommen til AladdinScene - Mozilla Firefox_thumb.png
In this example I used a very traditional and 'simple' design style, keeping the focus on the actual content.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gnome 2.12

Gnome 2.12 is out - Go grab it while it's fresh!


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