Tuesday, September 13, 2005

RRS Utilities for GiMP, version 1.0.1

RRSU is a small collection of utility routines for the GiMP, current functionality includes:
  • Guides\Clear All
  • Guides\Create at Center
  • Framing\Create Image Frame
  • Framing\Create 'Thumb Frame'
  • Center Layer Content
  • Erase 'n' Rows
  • Layer Shadows and Borders
Most functions explain themselves pretty well, have a look at the script if you need more information.
'RRSU' could still be enhanced and developed further, but I've used it for a long time now as it is, and it works fine the way it is.
If you make any useful changes or additions to the script, please share it - send me a copy, or leave a snip in the comments here.

Enjoy :D

Download here: RRSU


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