Tuesday, November 22, 2005

some slackpaks

Well, after several years on different flavours of red hat linux I have now switched to slack! I've been considering several different distro's for quite some time now, and landed on zenwalk, and as I'm quite addicted to gnome (xfce is great too though!) I chose dropline as my gnome-package of choice. It may be slightly more 'intrusive' than the other options out there, but it is a very complete gnome desktop. For my PHP, MySQL and Apache needs I chose xampp wich proved very nice and easy to both set up and remove. Good work.
But there are some other apps that I am truly addicted to, these are the tools of my daily work, and they were not quite as fresh and updated as I'm accustomed to, not in any 'slacked' form that I could find that is, so with a little help from CVS and checkinstall I built them myself :)
So here they are, fresh from CVS today (not sitecopy though, it is the latest official release version):
But allways remember: these packages are provided with no support and guarantees of any kind, they are built for ME first and foremost.


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