Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pekwm - a dream come true

...or something :p

The journey
A few days ago, I went out into the wild, hunting for a replacement for gnome's default window-manager(wm) metacity. My goal was to find a wm with tabbed windows, a feature found in a.o. fluxbox.
My journey naturally enough started out here: Window Managers for X: Other Window Managers, and if you have a peek you will see that it is quite the list!
Surprisingly though, there are very few projects providing the 'tabbed windows' feature that I was looking for.
I won't go into detail about all the one's that 'failed' my test, but simply glorify the one I completely fell in love with: pekwm.

Why pekwm was a dream come true for me
It might look a bit unfinished at first glance, but the feature-set and the degree of configurability is just amazing, and development seems fairly active - which is a great plus anytime!
The grouping of window's in 'tabs' is a great tool for cleaning up desktop clutter, and keeping associated applications 'close together' makes for a more efficient workflow all over, so for me this is perfect.
Another great plus is how easy it is to configure, all of pekwm's configuration is done through these 6 text-files:
  • config - main configuration
  • vars - variables available throughout the other config files
  • keys - keyboard shortcuts
  • menu - menu-layout, window and root
  • mouse - mouse actions
  • autoproperties - automagically sets properties for certain apps
These files are very clearly laid out, and simple and easy to understand - if you're capable of loading them into a text-editor you should be fine.

Also, there are some nice themes available as well ;)


For more details go check out the website and the documentation there.

Monday, March 13, 2006

RRS Utilities for GiMP, version 1.0.3

I have fixed a problem that I recieved some complaints about concerning the 'image frame'-functionality, and also I have added one new item to the menus: 'textsplatter'!

Textsplatter prints text at random sizes and positions. You can control the number of iterations, maximum font size, font face and the text to be printed.

Go crazy with it ;)

If you have ideas for refinement for this script, don't hesitate to contact me.

Download here: RRSU